STANLEY/BARKER is proud to partner with Spectrum, a professional imaging lab specialising in fine art and photographic printing as well as archival mounting. Situated in the heart of Brighton, their work has been exhibited in art galleries and museums worldwide:  they are proud of their reputation for high quality and pride themselves on providing excellent customer service.  Founded in 1993, Spectrum has flourished into one of the UK’s leading photographic printing and finishing centres.



STANLEY/BARKER has collaborated with the following galleries and museums - Stephen Bulger Gallery (Toronto), Eric Franck & Augusta Edwards Fine Art (London), Grinberg Gallery (Moscow), Howard Greenberg (New York), Steven Kasher Gallery (New York), David Hill Gallery (London), Robert Mann Gallery (New York), Julie Saul Gallery (New York), Tolarno Galleries (Melbourne) and Galerie Thomas Zander (Cologne).